[News] Launch February 2020: ABAF/BVFA and EFFAS present to you the Certified European Financial Analyst program

Posted by caroline.vangeel on 2 weeks 6 days ago

The Certified European Financial Analyst (further “CEFA”) training program is focused on the day-to-day work for portfolio managers, fund managers, CFO’s, asset managers and operational banking people. Responding to the request from different banks, the Belgian Association of Financial Analysts (further “ABAF-BVFA”), in collaboration with the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (further “EFFAS”), decided to jointly launch the 2020 CEFA program with as core objective to provide a professional and more practical program covering a true market need by the finance industry.

Ensuring that investment professionals receive the best possible training has always been a top priority for ABAF-BVFA. After all, only sound qualification courses backed by ongoing training for all capital market experts can guarantee a truly professional advice service and corresponding consumer protection in a transparent market.

Why should you follow this program?

This program aims to bring a valued and consistent training to finance professionals, financial analysts, fund managers, credit managers, corporate finance specialists, investment and private bankers, asset managers,…

The added value of CEFA lies within:
■ A solid professional program in finance
■ An international recognised qualification (27 countries)
■ A complete online learning and examination platform
■ The expertise of highly certified lecturers
■ A wide range of possibilities for participation in further international top finance programmes and examinations

“A quality program in less than 1 year or spread over 3 years, with an international qualification. Professional training that invests in you not only today but also –  and more importantly - tomorrow!”