What is ABAF-BVFA?

The Association Belge des Analystes Financiers (ABAF) / Belgische Vereniging van Financiële Analisten (BVFA) is a non-profit organization.  The Association was founded on June 18 1958. Our members are professionals in the Belgian finance industry whose activities include the application of fundamental financial analysis (like sell-side equity research, buy-side equity research, bond research, strategists, portfolio managers, corporate finance managers etc).

ABAF-BVFA is the center of excellence for the financial analyst community in Belgium. It improves quality, adequacy and correctness of financial information provided to investors. It frameworks and guards the ethical behavior of its members. It builds a common knowledge base on financial analysis for all people linked to financial markets, corporate finance, bond markets, portfolio management, credit analysis and auditing.


Our goals include:

  • Offering training and raising the professional standard of our members. New training possibilities have been created in asset management, treasury management and financial analysis. 
  • Watching over the ethical behaviour of our members-financial analysts. The Association has set up an ethical code that translates current law and high standards in daily language for our members.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of the information provided by the listed companies to the investors. To this regard the Award for best financial information is considered as a strong tool.
  • Build a home base for an international financial community. Financial analysis has become international. ABAF-BVFA is part of EFFAS and ACIIA. We actively work together on financial analysis training-updates, IFRS taxonomy, ESG and Integrated Reporting.
  • Increase the visibility of the Association in press & happenings using happenings such as the yearly organized contest for the Best Financial Information, seminars on key topics for the financial community.


In order to reach these goals, we organize:

  • Courses in financial analysis
  • Courses in other financial domains (like risk management, portfolio management etc)
  • Seminars, workshops and lectures on relevant and specific topics or themes
  • The annual Award for Best Financial Information, a balanced and quantified appreciation of the financial communication practices of a selection of Belgian listed companies.


How are we organized?

There are 3 official bodies within the Association.

Firstly there is the General Assembly of members. The main body of the organization is the Board of Directors which oversees the functioning of the Association. Day-to-day activities are being taken care of by the secretary of the Association.

  • General Assembly of members

Each member has the right to be represented at the General Assembly of the Association. Within 4 months after the end of the accounting period a General Assembly is convened to approve the accounts of the Association and to discuss projects and outlook for the next year(s). All changes to the bylaws and ethical code of the Association have to be approved by the General Assembly.

  • Board of Directors

The Board of Directors defines the strategy of the Association and represents the Association locally and internationally within the community. Major tasks include the organisation of the Award of Best Financial Information, training and all kind of events to enhance knowledge of the financial analysts and the image outside the Association. The Board convenes 10 times a year. Currently the Board consists of 11 members representing the Belgian financial community. CVs on a separate tab.

  • Secretary

The secretary of the Association takes care of the day-to-day activities such as contact with members (mailing of events, answering questions…), preparation of the Board meetings, implied in practical organization of events, update website.